3 Reasons Why Girl Should Not Be Friends With Ex-Boyfriend


If you have watched Karan Johar’s film then you may know this fact that ‘A Guy and Girl can’t be normal friends’.  Same way we are out with another version of this dialogue and that is- ‘An ex-boyfriend-girlfriend can’t be a normal friend’. To prove this point we have listed few reasons below. Go through them, you will realize why one should not be friends with ex-boyfriend:-

  1. He will call himself a normal friend but will never consider himself a normal friend

The whom you were dating is very much used-to of a special treatment and when you give him ‘just friends’ treatment it will not go well with him. He will complain that you are ignoring him or you have not forgiven him yet for his sins which he did when you were dating him, etc but the actual fact is you were neither ignoring nor you were punishing him, You were only being ‘normal friend’ with him. Weren’t you?

Your ex-boyfriend will keep comparing you how you were before when you were dating him and how you are now when you are just being friends with him and sometimes this comparison cross the limit and blow off the kind. If you feel that you’re ready to such burden then choose to be friends with your ex-boyfriend or else you you’re smart enough to choose what is good for you!

  1. Never forget the reason why you broke-up with him

There is always a ‘big-fat reason’ for every breakup. The person who can hurt you once can easily hurt you twice or more. Girl you should never allow anyone to hurt you because no one has that right to do so.

Does you ex-boyfriend actually deserve to be friend who had once made you cry whole night? How can you be friends with that person who once betrayed you, broke your trust, broke your confidence and or made questioned on you self-respect?

  1. You will never be able to move on

Girl asks yourself will you be ever able to move on if your ex-boyfriend is around you. Will you be able to be happy with your ‘new normal friend’ who once upon use to be your boyfriend? If you think that being friends with ex-boyfriend is a solution for the problems then you are completely mistaken. It will ruin things. It will destroy the remaining equation which is left between you and your ex.

Moreover, if moved on and you started some other guy, your ex will create issues. As he is your ex he know well how to manipulate you, hence he will play with your mind and will try to flood your mind with ‘not so good things’ about your new guy.

And imagine, will your current boyfriend will be comfortable with the fat that you are not only talking terms with your ex-boyfriend but also he is you friend or can ‘a good friend’.  Being friends with ex-boyfriend complicates the things.

If you have more points to add in this story then do tell us in comment section below. For more relationship goals stay tune!


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