5 Best tips to attract a Man!


There is a huge difference between men and women psychology. So to attract you guy towards you, first you need to know to what characteristics he expect in his girl. It is very necessary to know what irritates him and what makes him happy. Don’t be exactly what he is expecting, add your ‘the real you’ element into it. Here are few tips which can help you to attract your guys towards you:-

  1. Be confident when you approach, don’t fake it.

Body language plays a key role while you are approaching someone. Before showing him up that you are confident women, you need to tell this to yourself. It is been said that ‘A man’s sexual organ is not in his pants, it’s in his eyes.’  Your body language will shape up the way he sees you.

One has to be confident about their own body when they show what they truly are. If you try to copy someone who is not actually who you are, you’re faking it. ‘Fake-ness’ is something that irritates men a lot because the ‘fake-ness’ you are showing to attract him towards you, will not last for forever. After certain period of time you will step into your own shoes.

  1. Communication

Communication plays a key feature of every relationship which keeps it going because when you talk you know you get to know person in a better way. It’s very difficult for guy to open totally in front of anyone. It’s always in a girls hand how they make their guy comfortable.

  1. Smile

Smile is an easiest way to invite guy to come into kingdom. A warm smile of yours can act like a catalyst to a man’s courage to walk up to you. We are not asking you to laugh on every single joke he cracks but sometimes a pleasant warm smile do wonders.

Also sometimes confuse him while you pass a warm smile to him. Pass a smile and look away. Let him wonder ‘Did she just turn to look at me?’ ‘Did she just pass that 100 dollar smile at me?’ The combination of smile and eye contact subconsciously tells a man that you are interested in him.

  1. Availability

Just because you are interested in him don’t make yourself available 24’7 for him. If you are available for him all the time he will find you desperate for his attention and this degrades your quality in front of him. Possibly he start taking you for granted for the favors. Give him attention, pamper him and then confuse him.

  1. Practice good hygiene and don’t go skinny

Give your body the royal treatment. If you will feel awesome about yourself then only he will too feel in the same way. Wash your hair as often as you need because you might know this fact that guys actually get attracted towards girl’s hair.

Keep a mouth clean to keep your breath fresh because you never when you will that golden chance to make him yours. Well every girl dreams to have a well-toned curves but for that please don’t go skinny. Guys don’t like skinny girls.


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