5 Ways That Effectively Helps You In Improving Your Sexual Relationship


Psychologists say that sex constitutes a very important part for helping you to maintain a healthy love relationship. But unfortunately not many are able to maintain this part of the relationship effectively. It is true that it is not easy to carry out this role. Though being interesting, important and exciting; there are many things which pops up creating a barrier to the intimacy phase that you are likely to get involved in. this might include from time restrains to a proper place where the act can be carried out. In short; there is endless range of problems which comes up hampering your sexual relationship.

Tips for encouraging sexual intimacy in love relations

While there are endless problems counting for sex; such problems play an active role in bringing your love relation to the verge of break-up. To help you overcome these and enjoy a strong relationship; here are 5 ways that will help you improving your sexual life:

  • Take proper body care: For a healthy relationship; maintaining one’s body tone plays an important role. Those being able to maintain a relationship for quite a long period are found most neglecting to care for their body. Remember that if you become ignorant about your body; you cannot expect your partner to care for it and feel attracted for having an intimacy session.
  • Give importance to vulnerability: Fearing of vulnerability is most rated for creating obstacles to one’s sexual life. Feeling shameful for your sexual desire or feeling that your independence is getting caged for your requirement of someone else in satisfying your desire brings about a threat to your sexual relationship. Learn to accept that the arousal of sexual desire is a something quite natural.


  • Have a sex discussion with your partner: Discussing with your partner about matters relating to sex and its problems so as to overcome those; can be of great help. So discussions might include about ways to improve the adventurous feel one look out in sex sessions, its frequency, steps for avoiding awkwardness and others. Further if you fell the discussion sessions is going is vain; you can go for a couple therapy session which will surely prove helpful.
  • Take a leap o easier your partner’s life: Stress has become an inevitable part of every people of this generation. They also share different feeling for sex and stress. While for few sex helps in decreasing stress; some believe sex desire is hampered by stress. It is your duty to make steps that will help in making your partner’s life easier. This will also make the emotional relationship strong.
  • Discuss about individual problems with your partner: Problem sharing forms a very strong part for ensuring a sound relationship. Hiding your problems and implementing steps for solving the same individually might make your partner feel unimportant in your life and the first thing it affects is your sex life which ultimately ruins the love bond. Discuss every minute problem with your partner to make him or her feel important in your life.

Final Say

The numbers of breakups is increasing at a faster rate these days. This not only keeps you shattered but also exploits you psychologically. Following these tips will help you in developing a better relationship with sexual satisfaction.


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