Chair Exercises – Exercises You Can Do At Work

Chair Exercises

Today is the time when most of the people are doing office job and in that job mental exercise is more tiring than physical movement. Even due to tight working schedule they don’t have time to do exercises.

That is the reasons so many people are facing the problems with their backs, shoulders and with other parts. but herein this article we will tell you some of the exercises that you can practice while doing your work. These will help to stretching and strengthening of body.

Exercises You Can Do At Work

Chair or Office Exercises- Here are some of the exercises that are easy to perform and need not much effort.

Things Needed

A chair, water bottle, you can also use light dumbbell.

Stretch Arms and Waists

Wrist Stretch

Extent your arm in front side. Put the palm up and grab the fingers with other hand. Slowly pull the fingers to you and stretch the forearm area. Keep that position for next 25 seconds. You can repeat this with another side too.

Wrist and ForearmPpress both of your hands together in front of chest area. Your elbows will bent and should be parallel to the floor. Bend the wrist over left or over right side and repeat the whole for 10 times.

Lower back Stretch

Sit straight. Put the arms over the left hip. Now, twist it to the left side and to deep the stretch you can use the right hand too. Hold the position for next 30 seconds. Repeat the same on other side too.

Lowe Body Exercises

Hip Flexion

Sit straight and try to lift your left foot up in the air for few inches. Hold the position for 2 seconds. Lower it down and make 16 repetitions of this. Same repeat on the other side.

Leg Extension

Sit tall with the abs and lift the leg up in the air and reach it to the level of hip area.
Squeeze the quadriceps. Hold the position for next 2 seconds. Lower down and make 16 repetitions. Again repeat with another side.

Inner Thigh

Spread a towel. Now take an empty bottle between your knees and when you sit straight put that between the abs. try to squeeze. Now release it. Make 16 repetitions of the same.

Chair Squat

Sit over the chair and try to lift as much up as your hip reaches above the chair. You can use the arms to balance the body in that situation. Slowly come back to the original position. Make 16 repeats of the same.


Sit over a stable chair and place your hands next to the hips. Move them in front of chair and then bend the elbows. Lower the body as much down as it make 90 degrees angle. Go back to the original position slowly. Make 16 repeatitions of the same.

One Leg Squat

Sit over a stable chair. Take a foot tightly in front of another. With using a hand, push up into a one legged squat. Balance the body with one hand and hover over the chair. Back in the position and make about 12 repetitions of the same.


You must do all the exercises after consulting your physician or doctor if having any kind of illness, injury or health disorder. Your chair must be stable if trying to do exercises.


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