Essentials for Great Email Marketing

Essentials for Great Email Marketing

If you just aren’t seeing the results from your email marketing campaign, your content might be to blame. Obviously you will want to make sure that your list is optimized, but let’s say you’ve done that. You already know that the people receiving your offers asked for them, why aren’t they opening your emails? Why aren’t the folks that open your email going to your site?

Essentials for Great Email Marketing

Step one, subject line.

Often with email before you open it, all you have to go on is the subject line. You have one chance with 50 characters or so to convince someone to open your offer. So give them a reason to open it. Pique their interest; be clever but not too clever. Throw a number in the line somewhere, numbers get people’s attention. “5 great things for you” just looks better than “the best item for you” Be conversational and friendly in the subject line, write in the natural language that your customers use when they talk to each other.

Step two, Converting from Opened Email to Site Traffic

Great so you found a subject line that garnered enough attention to convince someone to open your email. What should they be looking at? You might be thinking that once they’ve opened the email you’ve completed your task, and it’s all over, but customers will be more likely to open your emails in the future if that actually enjoy the content you’re providing them. So the actual content of your emails will be vital to having a consistently good open rate.

Your most effective strategy is going to be something that feels personal. Maybe you’re writing to tens of thousands of people, but there’s no reason it has to feel like it. Understand the kind of person who buys your product, relate with them on their problems, dislikes, likes, and desires.

If you don’t understand these aspects of who is buying your product, spend some time talking with your customers. Maybe you’re missing a golden opportunity by not leveraging exactly why customers come to you. Maybe you’re putting effort into mitigating something that your customers don’t mind as much. Talking to your customer will help you to the maximum of your effort into the things they actually care about.

It’s important to sound like a friend talking to a friend. If you come off as a company talking to its customers your email is much more likely to end up in the deleted bin. Which would you rather read “We’re passing our savings on to our customers!” or “Don’t miss out on this deal!” One sounds like a computer talking to a computer, the other sounds like a friend urging a friend on.

By laying the content with personal and natural language without sounding like a company trying to sell a product, but rather a friend excited about a good thing you can see soaring success with a well-built email marketing campaign. To be effective in this space means constantly learning from your previous experiences, and from others. Stay relevant by keeping up with the newest, and best techniques.


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