Relationship Goal- 5 Things NOT to be done after Fight


 1. Don’t discuss ‘the happened fight’ with friends.The worst thing person do after fighting with their partner is to discuss the matter with their close ones, i.e their best friends whom they trust blindly. Well everyone is not back stabber but sometimes these best friends intentionally or un-intentionally share these things with their close ones. Hence this personal issue is not called personal anymore. It becomes public and it is humiliating as well as embarrassing for any couple.

You have issue with your partner then try to sort things with your partner. There is no need to go out and advertise your issues in public. Because when you talk about your issues in public you don’t only speak about the recent issue but also about the rest of the past issues too which affects the image of your partner and but obviously yours too.

2. Do not throw tantrum when your partner is trying to calm the situationUsually in majority cases girls usually practice this thing. After a long session of heated argument when guy takes the initiative to calm the situation and try to sort the things out, Girls starts throwing tantrums which after a limit result into an another set of heated discussion between couple.

When your guy/girl is taking first step to solve out the issue, support him/her instead of ruining the moment because it requires two persons involvement to start a relationship but it requires only one person to end it. Don’t ruin you r relationship because of these little tantrums.

Always remember that the person who takes the initiative to solve the problem, never want to lose you, and for that he/she keep their ego aside.

3Once over then don’t re-discuss itCommunication/Discussion is a key feature of every relationship but that’s does not mean couple should discuss their happened fight. Well if you are in relationship you know how much it takes to sort out things, so what is the need to cherish the shitty moments of your relationship?

Will things change if you discuss you happened fight? ‘NO’ but surely ruin the things. The slow going discussion will suddenly change into a heated argument and you will not realize when it has ruined lots of things.

4. Don’t play the blame gameIt happens rarely that person who is at fault accepts his/her mistake and tries to let go things but in most of the cases couple play the blame game.

Be brave enough to accept your mistake if you are at fault and if you are not at fault then be brave enough to let go things because the person whom you are dating is way more important than any other heated arguments.

5. After fight don’t leave you partner alone to cry

Just don’t leave the house after fight to get fresh air. You’re this move shows that you don’t care about your partner. Also this move can be reason of your next fight too.

Well we agree that it’s hard to share the same oxygen with your partner after having an ugly argument but there is a solution for that. You can shift to some other room within house.

Stay tuned with us for more relationship goal!





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