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Today women being a victim of abuse either verbal or physical where they find that their opinion does not matter even though its the only solution to the problem they are facing. Apart from these issues women also face a lack of confidence, an imperfect self-image which we impersonate inside them due to a male-dominated society. This problem is to be solved and an initiative taken by some people like Mr.Gurpreet Singh Tikku and Ms.Gurleen Kaur Tikku which brings about a change.

An event held on 13 April in Delhi, hosted by the two people for around 200 gatherings. The arrangements made were appreciated by all the spectators and was keenly admired. A brunch welcomed them in a dining area and a famous condiments brand Veeba organised it. They varied from salad dressings to sauces and dips along with other items. They helped the participants take the desired bite with needed stuff. They also introduced their newly launched Fruit Toppings which included Caramel Fudge Topping, Strawberry Fruit Topping, Chocolate Fudge Topping and Alphonso Mango Fruit Topping.

After refilling the energies, they were guided to the conference hall where the chief guest, ’Kamlesh Gill’ was awaited by the participants of the seminar. She played quite good roles in Bollywood; one is the role of ‘Veeji’ in Vicky Donor. The attitude and mood lightening persona she held added smiles to everyone’s face. They were quite amused by the comical nature of the guest. Her interaction with the jury present was commendable. Rashmi performed a dance fusion along with speech session from RJ Sayema along with Hridhan.

During the session, everyone was pleased by the martini glasses filled with US cranberries. They are quite needful and beneficial for the health of the individual. These delicious improve various aspects of the body including health of the urinary tract, reduction in inflammation, the prohibition in the growth of cancer-causing cells, and even benefit the stomach and its health in different aspects.

Moreover, the dried cranberries are to be considered of vital help as they provide Vitamin C, E, A and K. They are proven to be beneficial for heart, health and gums as well. In addition to this, it even cares for your hair and skin.

The seminar lasted a full day, and the active participation of the people was quite noticeable. The people were bid farewell by handing them over a bag of goodies which consisted of products of famous brands and were acknowledged by every individual present.

These self-loving and eye-opening seminar should be held at a wonder range in order to impart awareness among individual sections of society with a try of treating every human equal.


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