Things To Know Before I Get Married

Know Before I Get Married

Every girl wants to get Mr perfect as her life partner. As you know today is the time when so many marriages are going to an end and so many people are going towards the way of divorce.

Things To Know Before I Get Married

So, you need a man who wills promise to keep your hand in his hand for rest of your life. Here mentioned are some of the qualities that every girl wants in her partner. So, you have to check.

Things To Know Before I Get Married

Before I Get Married

Good Listener

Communication is what that can strengthen the relationship. You must have the relation
where you not only tell your problems but also able to tell the desires to the partner and even the partner have patience to listen your needs as well as thoughts. A good listener assures you that he loves and cares for you.


It seems much difficult to get rather man is affectionate towards you or not. To get the idea of his love you much check if he cares for your needs or not. You can check this by checking some small things what he feels if you not phone even for one day or will he drop you at home after dinner.

Respect for Women

To respect woman is the quality of a man that makes him perfect. Ok! Who will you choose a person who is handsome but arrogant towards ladies and on the other hand, a person who is not so good looking but respect the ladies and ready to help them? Definitely, a person who respects women would be chosen by you. Actually where respect stays love comes automatically.

Good Sense of Humor

A good humor will give to strength to tackle even the hard situations in your life.
Most of the woman loves a person have sense of humor and able to laugh at jokes. It doesn’t mean you are not serious about life but be able to react in every situation.

Well Dressed

It is true inner beauty is most important but the person is most liked if also have good dressing sense as everyone likes the best dressed man. Most importantly the shoes should also be clean. Your dressing sense also flaunts your sex appeal. So, wear the best dresses daily.


If the person depends over you for his doings then in place of feeling irritate you has to be happy. Every lady wants responsible man as her life partner and so relies on him.


Everyone want to love a secure life and you need a person with whom you feel secured not but emotionally also financially. If the person has capability of taking good care of you then you must feel secured.


Today’s life all the time roams around work and so we need to do some fun activities to refresh the mind and body. It can be anything like cooking, watching movies, reading or listening music. If the partner’s hobby matches your then you get the extra time to spend with him as both of you can spend quality time together.


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