Top Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life

Top Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life

Today it is a fast life and in this fast life everyone is running after money and career and at that time we have so much less time for a love life. We even sometimes ignore the partner and that is why the love life puts in danger.

You also need to spice up or charge up your love life in case you are so indulge in the care of your child that you forgot the needs of your partner. Then you can give surprise to your partner. Here in this article, we will discuss the ways how you can spice up your love life again and bring the charm back.

Top Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life

Arrange a Date Night

Love Life

Your life is not to prepare food for partner or care for his kids. You need to spend some time with him what he needed. You have to discuss his problems and also tell him about yours; it will provide you more time together. Both of you can even plan dinner, vacation and weekend together.

Try Spontaneous Hugging

Wrap your husband in your arms. Hugging is best way to convey the love and even a survey prove that it is the main part of foreplay.


You must talk before about your intentions as you can tell the partner what you want to do coming night. You must tell about this in the morning as the thinking about the talk will make him fell excites whole day.

Recreate the First Date

First time whenever you met your life partner is always become unforgettable for both. So, you have to restructure the whole things that had happen that day and make him feel special and even tell him that you love and even remember little things about him.

Stop looking at Clock when with Him

Mostly ladies having children usually loose the interest and spice of the love life and the reason they love to do everything on time and in hurry of doing that most of them ignore the partner. You should not do that, you have to give time to your partner. Spend as much time with your partner. When you are with him, try to not look to the clock but over his face.

Romantic Movie

you have to see a romantic movie together as it will help to keep you in a mood.

Get Him in a Lip lock

Intimate gestures are key to success the Love life. Kissing is the key to open the door of love. Hold him tight and give a passionate kiss to him and express all your love.

Surprise him in Shower

When he is taking shower, quietly go and hug him from the back. Now, both of you can enjoy a quality time together there. You can do kissing, touching and hugging there. Even so many people are trying Love in water and so that you can try the same in your bathtub.

Play Stripping

Man like to see woman reveals the clothes slowly and so you must try the same. You can slowly uncover your parts and get him in mood quickly.


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