Worthless Love – Dating A Married Man

Dating A Married Man

Do you know dating a married man and devouring hot chocolate fudge is common as both looks and tastes wonderful but actually bad. What you think it is fault of a married man who attracts to a woman or a girl is responsible for that as she made relations with an already married guy.

Worthless Love - Dating A Married Man

A well known marriage and relationship counselor said a girl who is dating a married man is actually sought attention as well as emotional support. Also, married man has maturity and they are experienced too which is also another reason. Married man has experience the life much and thus understands the emotional needs of woman. On the other hand, man attracted to the other woman because he is not getting attention at home and wants sexual and emotional satisfaction which he is not getting from the present relationship.

Dating A Married Man

Being the “other woman”

Date Married Man

To become a second woman and even accept the title is really tough. It is also called a stigma. If your family is agreed with the relation then it is ok but in case they are not with you then you have to face insult and guilt which can even provide you guilt feeling. Before starting any relation, one thing which you must consider a relation not just made of two of you. So many people are attached with you and all will be affected by your step.

If you date a married man then it comes with so many restrictions (in some particular cases) you can feel ashamed of going to public places together. Also, man has its family so he could face difficulty in finding time for your meeting. A lady can’t share his man with anyone but in this case this bitter truth will not leave you anytime anywhere that you are sharing your man with his wife. Also, you become his second priority.

Expert Tips

Date A Married Man

A famous psychotherapist and marriage consultant said that most of the people having these kinds of relations face a lot of guilt. So, a girl must analyze the capacity of man that how much your emotional needs and other needs satisfied by man.

Is he Committed?

Many times, this is also seen that man relate to a woman to fulfill the sexual needs. So, first, you have to get the answer, why he is in relationship with you even having a family? Also, you have to think the future benefits as well as drawbacks of your relationship with the man. If he is agreed to leave the family and agreed to live with you ever after then that’s ok but incase, he is not leaving the family then do you think this relation will go longer? Also, you need to get is he really love you or just taking advantage of your immaturity? What is the meaning and use of relation that only gives you pain and just pain?

Many times a common need or any desire keeps the two people close but don’t you think this is not relationship but a just a deal. So, you needn’t to be in that kind of relationship.


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